Next Generation – Elementary

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Kindergarten – 5th grade

We want kids’ eyes to be opened to the things of God in a world that tries to cover up and distort His loving nature. Through age appropriate teaching, hands on experience, and purpose filled games, kids are introduced to Jesus their Creator, Savior, and Friend.

These values are pervasive through all of our programs:

Children’s Church, Sunday School, Kids’ Choir, Junior Bible Quiz and Special Events.

Our desire is to be the best friend and strongest encouragement a parent has in laying a spiritual foundation in the lives of their kids.

We believe that in order for kids to grow spiritually, they need 5 things:

  • a really BIG God they can trust no matter what
  • Someone Else who believes what they believe
  • Another Voice telling them the same thing their parents say
  • Nosey Parents who find out where they are spiritually
  • Uncommon Sense to help them make wiser choices

Lourdes Chamaydan, Children’s Ministry Coordinator – email me